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Leaders On The Front Line

When I began writing this book, I planned on titling it, To a Generation Yet Unborn: Nuggets for a Millennium Leader. However, the arrival of 2020 welcomed a host of unassuming leaders already birthed into existence, standing at the forefront of. two global pandemics--COVID-19 and extreme social unrest. The global medical community never experienced a health crisis on the scale of COVID-19, nor had the broad acknowledgment of racism been challenged by a precocious group of young people, globally responding to unique complexities and innate societal quagmires in profound measures of leadership.

What the two pandemics revealed is that leadership is a responsibility of humankind another is a power component to leadership, yet humility is its equalizer. The wisdom in balancing the two is the mystery. The pandemics also left a mark of understanding, that leaders of every generation have a vocal duty in the global conversation. It is a responsibility--the good, the unusual, the uncomfortable, the transformational, even the authoritative--to make a difference within one's leading respective sphere of influence.

Leaders on the Front Line takes on a new meaning in a season of pandemics. This visionary work offers a way to think's and speak about leadership. We see its dynamic range of contexts and contours from home to work, and places in between. The nuggets leave a mark in history that challenges tradition and status quo of what leadership feels like and should be for a right-now generation of leaders. Its pages are creative, word-artistry, and mentally stimulating as each nugget offered a different lens of leadership.

Leaders on the Front Line is about investing in a generation of leaders born for such a time, and represents what ta season of pandemics have conveyed about leadership: Leaders help the immature grow to maturity. Leaders never tire of teaching. Leaders always provide correction. Leaders befriend until the end. Leaders love unconditionally. Leaders are resilient. Leaders won't give up. Leaders are family no matter what. Leaders pay it forwar, regardless the cost. Leaders provide cover in times of need. Leaders never stop leading. Leaders serve the next generation.

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