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Every once in a while, challenge your own assumptions!

Leaders on the Front Line takes on a new meaning in a season of leadership. This visionary work offers a way to think and speak about leadership during times and moments of difficulty. The leadership nuggets range in dynamic contexts and contours from home to work and places in between. The nuggets leave a mark in history that challenges tradition and status quo of what leadership feels like and should be for a right-now generation of leaders. Its pages are creative, word-artistry, and mentally stimulating as each nugget offers a different lens of leadership.

Author Ca-Asia A. Lane is a leadership strategist, author, and creative artist. She has more than fifteen years of leadership development and training with individuals internationally and the United States. Ca-Asia is the founder of Leaders on the Front Line, an organization with a mission and vision to train the next generation of leaders in areas of emotional intelligence, communication, and organizational culture. Ca-Asia holds a PhD in organizational leadership from Regent University and an executive master’s of leadership from Georgetown University.

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