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Every once in a while, challenge your own assumptions!

Leaders on the Front Line takes on a new meaning in a season of leadership. This visionary work offers a way to think and speak about leadership during times and moments of difficulty. The leadership nuggets range in dynamic contexts and contours from home to work and places in between. The nuggets leave a mark in history that challenges tradition and status quo of what leadership feels like and should be for a right-now generation of leaders. Its pages are creative, word-artistry, and mentally stimulating as each nugget offers a different lens of leadership.

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Death by suicide is a serious topic that is rarely discussed. It is the tenth-leading cause of death for adults in the United States and the second cause of death for children under the age of eighteen. For every suicide death, countless survivors are left traumatized, accompanied by grief and the heavy weight of emotional pain. Ca-Asia knows the shock, despair, confusion and depression marked by suicide's aftermath. The words spilled across these pages journey how God healed her fragile heart and mind back together again after her husband's death by suicide. Her story is a gift of encouragement for this who struggle with the loss of a loved one and tread along a similar path. In the midst of inexplicable heartache and adversity, her testimony reveals how she was literally able to dance and praise at her Master's feet for healing, hope and ultimately her freedom.

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Gold is a yellow metallic element that never loses its intrinsic value. The idiom 'leadership nuggets' is often used to describe a leader's treasured insights and life-long lessons. Ca-Asia Lane has compiled a personal collection of nuggets of wisdom for liturgical dance ministry leaders--each coupled with timeless biblical principles. The nuggets in this book share a multidimensional view of dance-leader experiences, invites participation, collaboration and an opportunity for dialogue within today's dynamic liturgical dance ministries. May these nuggets bless you and allow the Heavenly Father to lead your dance. Let's change the Dance!

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An Organizational Leadership Response for Women in Leadership: An Analysis of Romans 16:1–16 (pp 159–175).

Written By: Ca-Asia Lane

As the Apostle Paul ministered in the culturally diverse city of Corinth, he would need to lead in a manner that acknowledged diversity in order to be successful at his mission. Paul’s approach to ministry and leadership, as he expresses to the church in 1 Corinthians 9:19–27, could help modern-day leaders successfully lead their organizations as they interact with subordinates from varying cultural backgrounds. Paul presents at least seven cross-cultural leadership principles in his letter to the church in Corinth, which modern-day organizational leaders could apply to their leadership style to successfully lead across cultural boundaries.

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Christian Leaders as Artists: A Three-Ring Cord of Creativity, Imagination and Innovation (pp. 115-133).

Written By: Ca-Asia Lane

Asaph, the Old Testament psalmist, identified by King David as Israel’s first music director, is the biblical exemplar used to explore Christian leaders as artists. Asaph’s character demonstrates the relationship between artistry, leader and intergroup connectedness. Asaph’s story of a three-ring cord profession as instrumentalist, psalmist and worship leader reflects seven principles that connect leaders as artists to intergroup leadership. Christian leaders as artists: are adaptive, revolutionize organizations through creativity, foster a culture of imagination, consider artistic as a value to organizations, understands harmony in diverse teams, can communicate across organizational levels, are sought out for their skill in leading others. All are valuable principles that contribute to leaders as artists and showcases their abilities to orchestrate and lead multiple teams and impact organizational innovation.

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