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Unexpected Leadership Lessons During Dinner Conversations

Opportunities for developing leadership nuggets are all around us. I, particularly, always look and listen for conversations from leaders that start off unassuming, maybe even slight prejudgement, until someone opens their mouth and engages in non-threatening conversation. Such was a summer work week night at dinner with a leadership husband and wife team that I was invited to be a part of, to engage in small social conversation, and to speak wonderfully about social issues. Here are the cliff notes on leadership that I left the table with---thoughts scribbled in my mind like a whiteboard strategy session. I couldn't wait to write it all down in my truck, before heading home:

Also wanted to share with you the Nuggets we all shared last night. John and I pray the Nuggets will continue to inspire you to continue to work at making the world a better place. These nuggets represent the gap that greatly exist between senior leaders and those who are a part of the team.The gap in understanding diversity and creativity. The gap that leaders sometimes mistake as inclusion, when really, everyone is not getting along, but instead folks are just holding on until.......

Here are the nuggets.

—-Process over practical —-Color ignorance —-Black and white in the color of 64 —-Layers that are really complicated —-How do I help —-Safe space, but what’s really safe —-Culture gets a vote —-Vurnability creates moments for mutual exchange —-Understanding leadership is an asset to smaller organizations —-Listening is important —-The world needs more grace —-And my favorite - Dance leadership as a leadership theory is a real theoretical method applicable in corporate spaces.


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